Friday, August 9, 2013

It Happens

We have a large lawn. It’s nice to mow with a riding mower and this is the beast which has been doing the job for the last few years.

My husband bought it second-hand and it has had a few issues. Most recently, each of the three blades on the mowing deck have taken to mowing at a different height. No matter how much time and effort my husband had put into adjusting them, it seems the lawn always came out looking like it had gotten a haircut by a first-grader.

When the belt started breaking, my husband decided he had had it with the beast. He borrowed my mom’s push mower.

Now there are certain advantages to a push mower. For starters this mower has one blade and it cuts all of the grass at the same level. Second because it is much more maneuverable than the beast, we can get at every inch of the lawn in a more efficient manner. Also, it is great exercise. Sure, the husband and I tag-teamed the job, taking turns mowing various sections of yard, but we got it done. I was also surprised at how quiet it is compared to the beast.

But there is one big disadvantage.

 Yes, the Wonder Dog. With the vast amount of knowledge in his wee brain, he tends to forget that the entire yard really should not be used as his toilet.

With the beast, the surprises which Dino leaves throughout the lawn would be run over without much notice. With the push mower however, I found myself sometimes dancing in an attempt to avoid Dino’s many offerings.

I don’t know. I can’t say that I can decide which mower is better. If I had a choice, a new riding mower would be the best route to take. Until then, it appears we will be dodging lawn bullets.  

Or maybe we should just replace Dino with a goat. 

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