Monday, August 12, 2013

Water Photo Challenge (even though I missed another deadline)

A few months back I came across yet another blog challenge. This one was a personal photo challenge. Once a month, the blogger posts the theme for the month – birds, food, weather, etc. and those taking up the challenge post on their blog the pictures they have taken on that theme. It is recommended to take new pictures for each theme, but since I have such an array of digital photo albums, I thought it would be just as easy to use what I have in the archives.

That seems to have worked well for me, seeing as this is the first month that I have taken up the challenge. Ok, and I missed this month’s deadline anyway, so what exactly am I doing? I am getting my feet wet. And since this month’s theme is water, that makes perfect sense.

Here we go, photos of water from the archives. 
This was taken at Foster Falls in Northwestern Wisconsin last spring. The power of a waterfall always leaves in awe.

With all the rain we had this past spring, it's hard to believe that this was taken the year before at Glidden, a few hours north west of where I live, where I had thought we had a mild winter and not unusually wet spring in 2012. Though this looks peaceful right now, I am sure that the swollen river had caused countless difficulties for this little town. 

And then there is the magnificence of Lake Superior. In any season, summer or ...

... or early spring, if I am thinking about water, I am thinking about Lake Superior. 

Next month's challenge is "doors and windows". I got pictures of that too. Trust me. 

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Susan Marlene Kinney said...

Good morning Chris!! I LOVE photos of water. (Especially your first one! ) That would be a great Creative Memories -photo on metal to keep for all time photo! Haha! Remember my photos on metal on my living room wall? Probably not!! Well those I took of Lake Mich. and had them done up for Christmas presents to Cal and me. :) What a great idea for a blog. In two days I've found two blogs about challenges. One individual who takes challenges and one who gives them!