Tuesday, August 6, 2013

To Prove I Have a Story About Everything

And also to prove that I will take a picture of anything . . .

With my mom downsizing, she is willing to give away a lot of her stuff. You should see the dishes and table cloths that I have brought home already. I asked my husband a few weeks ago if he thought that one of Mom’s chest of drawers would be better than the one he was using. I didn’t get an answer. Imagine that.

So, I proceeded to tell him the history of the piece of furniture I was referring to.

My dad had two sisters, Clara and Emmy. When she was 20, Emmy was diagnosed with some sort of heart valve disorder and at the time the doctor’s only recommendation was that she shouldn’t have children. I can’t remember if she was married yet, but I know that she and her husband, Jeff, never did have any kids.

They lived in a few different places and in 1954, he decided they should move to California. Before they left they got rid of most of their furniture, giving a matching chest of drawers and dresser to my parents. Emmy passed away from her heart issues two weeks after they arrived in California.

From the earliest age I can remember, I had use of that chest of drawers. The dresser was my sister Pat’s.

I told my husband this story and then told him to not let that influence his decision on whether or not he wanted the chest of drawers. (Did I mention that we had bought me a new dresser in 2004, and yes, I have a story about that if you want to hear it someday.) What he had been using up until this time was some second-hand store find. Or at least I hope it was because I hope no one paid good money for this thing new.

Now it is your turn. Which is Himey’s new dresser and which is his old one? 


Denise said...

The top picture was your aunts dresser. The second is a cheap 1970's dresser.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

I knew you could spot it, Denise. Yes, the first one is the dresser from my side of the family and the second one from my husband's.

Denise said...

Maybe I can find a new career on American Pickers or some program like that, gosh that would be fun.