Monday, April 21, 2014

Drive through Illinois - vacation day 1

It has been so long since the hubby and I have gotten out of town, out of state, on a real vacation. Holy cow, I thought it just felt like a long time, but I just looked it up and it has been six and a half months. And you know what was on the ground almost that entire time? Snow.

And guess what was falling from the sky as we packed up the car on April 4? Snow. I know, what a surprise.

The snow and slushy roads cleared up about an hour into the trip. But the temperature didn’t get much above 40 and a cold wind continued to blow. This is our first view of the Mississippi River at Savanna, Illinois. Yes, I did get the hubby to drive through Illinois this time.

 Saw a few sites on our drive through the hubby’s favorite state. This is a random windmill someone built outside of the town of Industry.

 This is the Pittsfield Courthouse. I sure wished they still made buildings like this instead of tearing them down.

 Instead they put up modern buildings like this. I didn’t care that day though, because this is where we stayed for the next six days and nights.

And it was wonderful!

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