Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Streets of Hatchet Creek - Day 5

Finally I have my map together. The streets I walked tonight are highlighted in yellow. The ones I have already done are in green.

Since it was my writers group again tonight, I started out at the library, headed south on Railway Street, then meandered my way back to Dairy Queen. Unfortunately DQ was swamped because every Wednesday night during the summer they have “Music on the River”, which is right across the street from DQ. Even though I don’t like crowds I really need to go to one of these outdoor concerts in the Park sometime.

If I continue my zig-zagging path, I will be re-walking a lot of streets. Oh, well. 
The parking lot on the back side of the Tomahawk Public Library.
 The back side of a building which has been sitting empty for years. A while back they had a haunted house in here. Way back it was a boat factory, and I think before that it was a casket factory. I always thought it would make a great community center.
 Flowers on the end of Main Street. How pretty.
 This was the Old Train Depot back in the day. It was the Sears catalog store for a long time, and before that a gift shop, the name of which escapes me.
Currently the American Legion. Had been a day care center for a while, but back when I was a kid it was Dr. Henderson's office. Can't say that I have a lot of good memories from inside this building.
I guess it goes without saying who this guy was. 
Proud home of the Tomahawk Volunteer Fire Department
 Another sign that states the obvious, or so one would think.Check out their website here. I never knew.
 I always liked this fence wall. Oh, look I can buy it, but I guess I gotta take the house too.
Wagon on the north side of the Barber's Closet. There really are a lot of people in this town who want to make it look like a special place to live. 

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