Thursday, May 28, 2015

Streets of Hiawatha Heights

On my last walk around my hometown, I ventured through the residential neighborhood which we call Hiawatha Heights when I was a kid. Do they still?

I took a record low 20 pictures on this walk. Maybe I am losing my thirst for photography, or more likely I feel funny taking pictures of people’s yards. Or my eye has just become more discerning. Here is what caught my eye.

I couldn't resist this little horse. There was a dog up by the house guarding his yard, so I shot this picture quickly and kept going. I had enough dogs barking at me in this neighborhood, I didn't need to push my luck.  
 A proud supporter of the our High School sports.
 Land for sale, but I think the owner could be a little bit more proactive.
 All the yards were so neat and well-kept, but somebody left their bone behind. Dino's got two just like it.
 No matter how much I zoomed in, I couldn't make out this random sign in the woods.
 More lawn ornaments. I guess there is never enough.
 Love the wagon, even though there are only wheels on it on the side towards the road.
 Still not happy with my antique map. Some of these roads weren't even on it (Esker Heights Drive and Martin Lane), but I filled them in.

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Vicki said...

Thanks for the trip around the old neighborhood. Grew up on Charles ave, actually in the house with the garden around the birch trees when the neighborhood was still young.