Sunday, May 24, 2015

What defeats a nation?

Were you with me last week, when I introduced the book of Proverbs? Here are a few more verses, all taken from chapter 11, in the International Children’s Bible.   

2 Pride leads only to shame.
    It is wise not to be proud.
3 Good people will be guided by honesty.
    But dishonesty will destroy those who are not trustworthy.
4 Riches will not help when it’s time to die.
    But doing what is right will save you from dying too soon.
5 The goodness of an innocent person makes his life easier.
    But a wicked person will be destroyed by his wickedness.
6 Doing what is right brings freedom to honest people.
    But those who are not trustworthy will be caught by their own desires.
7 When a wicked person dies, his hope is gone.
    The hopes he placed in his riches will come to nothing.
8 The good man is saved from trouble.
    It comes to the wicked instead.
9 By his words an evil person can destroy his neighbor.
    But a good person will escape by being smart.
10 When good people succeed, the city is happy.
    When evil people die, there are shouts of joy.
11 The influence of good people makes a city great.
    But the wicked can destroy it with their words.
12 A person without good sense finds fault with his neighbor.
    But a person with understanding keeps quiet.
13 A person who gossips can’t keep secrets.
    But a trustworthy person can keep a secret.
14 Without leadership a nation will be defeated.
    But when many people give advice, it will be safe.

I was going to comment on each verse, but quickly came to my senses. Also, what more can anyone really add? 

I picked this particular section of the book with Memorial Day tomorrow in mind. Several of these verses made me think of war and how to avoid it. Do any of these verses strike you as such?  

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