Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Where to Start?

My story

Two years ago, a coworker thought that she and I should run in our town's 5K on the Fourth of July. I had never run before, as in NEVER. I had flashbacks of trudging around the track at school, coming in last, panting, shin splints screaming. I thought to myself, I cannot do this, what am I thinking.

On my first run, my lungs felt like they would explode after a tenth of a mile. I thought, there is no way I can do this. I turned around and walked home, Dino the Wonder Dog pulling on his lead, disappointed that we were going home so soon.

The next night, I was able to run nearly two-tenths of a mile. I decided I would keep doing this, slowly working up my stamina even if it was only a tenth of a mile at a time.

Before long, I was able to run a full mile without stopping to walk. Two months later I ran in the 5K, running nearly the whole thing, slowing to a walk just twice, I think.

Over this past winter, running on the treadmill in the basement was not nearly as fun or rewarding. But when I was able to run outside again after the snow and ice had melted, I found I could go much further having kept in shape over the winter.

Your Story

Are you a couch potato? Are you overweight and out of shape? Or is your shape a nice round ball? Do you tell yourself, I cannot exercise, I cannot do this?

Start slow. Walk around your house, lift cans of soup while you are sitting in the recliner watching “Dancing with Stars”. Then walk around your house again. If you can’t get outside but have a treadmill, walk on it for five minutes at first, or even two minutes if that is all you can do. But then every week increase your time by a minute. And go as slow as you need to. Don’t think that you are a failure because you cannot keep up a brisk pace for half an hour right off the bat.

The key is to start slow and don’t quit! Winners never quit and quitters never win.

Helpful Hint

Running isn’t for everyone, and actually walking is much easier on your joints and one of the best exercises there is. Invest in a decent pair of shoes, ones specific to running or walking, whichever one you choose.
 Dino says, "let's get going, Mom." Sometimes it helps to have an exercise partner. 

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