Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Just Sharing a Miracle Baby

I don’t like reposting other people’s blogs because it seems the lazy thing to do. But I’ve been following this family’s story since March and thought it was time to share it.

Click here for the first link that chronicles Baby Annalise entering this world and her first week. It is a long post, but you can skim it if you need to.

Annalise has hydranencephalus and hydrocephalus. From another of her mom’s blog posts: Hydrancephaly is where the brain’s cerebral hemispheres are absent to varying degrees. So from what we understand right now, Annalise does have brain tissue and her hemispheres. It’s just that the ventricles, where the fluid is stored, were larger than they should be when formed. So the brain had to form around the ventricles in a sense. Because of this, the fluid was building up so much that it just pushed the tissue to the outer rims. All that to say, the brain is somewhat there, it just isn’t fully formed. Her brainstem and cerebellum are completely developed though which is why she is doing so well. And from another post: Hydrocephalus is the excess fluid in the brain. This is the cause and reason for her abnormally large head.

The first pictures of Annalise haunted me at first, but as I have followed her story and watched her grow, I can see how precious and beautiful she is. I share her story to remind you that each life matters and each baby brought into this world, each baby conceived, is a gift from God. Also, if you have read about her, you will realize what a miracle she is; she wasn't expected to live more than a few hours. She is now five months old!

In the more recent posts of Annalise here, you can see how adorable she has become. You can also follow her progress on her parent’s Facebook page.

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