Thursday, July 9, 2015

Tour de Timm's Hill

On Tuesday morning, I posted a blog about getting back on track, running the race, pushing through the pain. Or maybe it wasn’t that dramatic. It was ironic however that later that day, I would do those things, but again, much less dramatically.

Years ago my cousin’s wife Mary was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It is one of those sucky diseases that rob people of so much of their lives. And I won’t go into detail, but Don’s family had already had enough of another sucky disease, Huntington’s, and it sure didn’t seem fair that something had to hit his wife next.

A while back, while waiting for his car in the shop, Don saw a spot on TV for the Tour de Fox. He sent an email and before he knew it, he had signed up Team Mary to participate in a walk up Timm’s Hill, just down the road from where we all live. 

(This wasn’t the spot Don saw that day, but it’s all I could find on YouTube.) 

So a group of us met at noon on Tuesday out at the highest peak in Wisconsin. And showed our support by hiking the 300 hundred feet to the summit. 

Some even went up the tower. 

I hung out and did what I tend to do too much of – took pictures. This is Don talking to Sam Fox, the guy who started this whole thing. And what a nice guy he is.
Everyone else taking pictures after we got back down the hill. 

And of course the day wasn’t complete without some driving around and taking more pictures. That’s the tower on Timm’s Hill as seen from Hill of Beans restaurant. I thought I had blogged about it before, but couldn't find it. Hmm? I may have to do that next. 

To learn more about Mary or donate to her team, click on this link.  It's not too late. 

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