Friday, March 11, 2016

Ready to Work Out

We've been talking at work about all starting to work out, maybe train for a 5K or even a "mudder". A co-worker and I think we should each build obstacle courses in our backyards and take turns running them. And if any of you are friends with me on Facebook you may have seen a hideous video of me doing some plank moves at work.

It must just be that time of year where we think we should get in shape. Or at least a shape other than a couch potato. 

I happened upon one of my old photo albums, and thought it was time to do some more scanning and archiving of those old prints. Interesting how I ran across my kids doing their own workouts. 
 Nick and Val scaling their swing set in the backyard. 
 Nick wheeling up the driveway. 
 Val trying out a pair of cross country skis. 
Val with her bike helmet and knee and elbow pads. If you've ever met this girl, you know she needs more padding than that. Her arms and legs still look like bruised bananas most the time. 

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