Sunday, February 19, 2017

Dino saves the day

It’s Dino here, helping Mom out. She feels really bad that she hasn’t blogged in so long. Ok, it’s really only been a week, but to her it feels like so much longer and she has enough on her plate that she doesn’t need to feel guilty about something so little.

So, here’s the deal. Mom’s mom, Granma Loehmer, died Wednesday night. The last time I saw Granma was on January 15. She came over for dinner and had a really good visit and I got to sit with my head on her knee coz she really liked that.

Next thing I know, Mom’s going nuts coz Granma’s in the hospital, then in the nursing home and then Mom was gone for four nights in a row, sleeping over at Granma’s. It was a mess. Poor Mom and poor Granma too. But Granma’s in a better place now, she has crossed the rainbow bridge and is with Mac, the dog they had forever ago, when Mom was just a kid.

So that’s all for now. Just wanted to let you know what’s going on. Mom will write once she has processed everything and has gotten caught up on showering me with affection.


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Barbara Philleo said...

Chris, this may not be the proper way to express my deepest sympathy to you and your family at this difficult time, but I figured you would be the one to read it. May God comfort you in your loss... Barbara