Tuesday, February 7, 2017

What's your "best by" date?

Some of you may remember the blog I posted in August of 2012 in which I was cleaning out my freezer. From the frost on some of those packages, it’s hard to believe that I had ever emptied the freezer. Additionally, I did have dates on some of those packages and they were from before the millennium. Oh, my.

Apparently, my kitchen cupboards aren’t in much better shape.

Just like with the deep freeze, I know that I cleaned this particular cupboard in the last – five years at least. But no, the date on each of these items declares that the “best by” date has long passed.
My question is: what exactly does “best by” date mean? Once that date has passed, can I still cook with all these spices and seasonings? And at what point do they need to be tossed?

At least the molasses was an easy call. I know it is supposed to be thick, but honestly? It was more the consistency of two day old pudding. And those bouillon cubes? Should they be as solid as a bar of gold bullion? The only thing I do know is that baking powder really does expire and will lose its power to raise (and lift and separate?), but it’s only six months past the date. It should still work, right?

-Sigh- Here I go again. And wondering if I am closing in on my own "best by" date? Or am I just getting better with age? 

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