Sunday, August 6, 2017

Leaving My Heart at Green Lake

I’ve written about this place before.
And the reasons why it means so much to me.
And how it was because of this place and the writers’ conference held there each year that my first book was published.  
The Green Lake Christian Writers Conference on the beautiful grounds of the Green Lake Conference Center had been held for 68 years. I attended in one form or another for five years. I made some cherished friends, shared lots of laughs, embraced the peace of the conference grounds, learned a lot about the craft of writing. And as already mentioned, was given the opportunity to have my memoir published.

At the conference one year, my project for the week was to work on the opening scene of my first novel. As you already know, “Where the Sky Meets the Sand” is finally ready for publication.
Also, on my way home from the conference another year, I met the inspiration for the novel I’m currently working on.
This year’s conference was scheduled to start today and even though I wasn’t planning on attending, I was crushed when I found out last week that it was cancelled due to low registration.

I know that things change, and time marches on. Maybe 69 years is too long a time for an event to continue to be held. How many marriages have lasted that long? I hope though that next year the writers’ conference will be resurrected, that new blood will take over and young blood will be drawn to attend. And if it be God’s will, I’ll return as well. 

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