Wednesday, August 9, 2017

2017 Kenya Log Entry 19 (I think)

The last time I blogged about my most recent trip to Kenya, I was still sharing my adventures at Hell’s Gate. But we saw much more that day.

After the long hike into and back out of the canyon. 
              Just    have    to    walk    this    last    walk.
 Yes, I made it. We all did. 
 A short drive later, we were rewarded with a hearty Kenyan lunch. Apparently at the break room of the thermal power plant. 
 Next, was the even better reward – soaking in the thermal hot springs. I could have spent the rest of the trip there
But no, we drove off to Lake Naivasha for the boat trip. We were all thinking on the ride there that we were so exhausted that we would have been happy turning around and heading home. 
 Glad we didn’t. 
 And more Birds. 
 Then some warthogs.
 Then zebra and baby wildebeest. 
And zebra, wildebeest and gazelle. 
 Last. Hippos. 
And Hippos. 
 And more Hippos. 
 Yikes! It was a long day, but completely worth it! I love Kenya. 

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