Friday, July 7, 2017

Return to Hell's Gate

I was looking at previous blog posts as well as pictures from my trip to Kenya this spring, and just realized that it has been three whole months since I was there. In some ways, it feels like it was yesterday and in others, it seems like a lifetime ago. Also, as hard as it seems to believe, I have only posted a fraction of the pictures I took.

Last time I wrote about Hell’s Gate National Park, we were still in the gully. I had traversed a seemingly insurmountable obstacle, but I still had a lot of hiking ahead of me.

 The beauty, however, continued to make it worthwhile.

 This is the wall I slid down and sustained my visibly worst injury, scraping all of the skin off my left elbow and a small patch off of my left side. 

 Another obstacle. 

 Took it like a champ. I am still just plain too old for this nonsense. 

 The very last wall to climb. I took a rest before clambering up this one. It was no worse than rocks I’d climbed in search of waterfalls back home, but it had been a long morning. Yes, it was still morning; our day was not nearly over. 
 The view made it all worthwhile, though. Eventually I will blog about lunch and the rest of the day. 

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