Wednesday, July 26, 2017


A week ago, I shared pictures and memories of a day outside exploring with my brother and sister. Today, you get to hear about another such day, only this time with two old friends. We only get together a couple times a year, but have been doing it for 20 years. A third friend was supposed to join us but something came up. Next time, Barb. 
 Linda wanted to see waterfalls, and since I knew where some were that she had never been to, I volunteered to play tour guide. And Joy was just along for the ride. 
 First up was Bond Falls. An easy walk from the parking lot. Beautiful. But every time I’ve been there, there have been too many other people around. Same thing this time. But I was still able to get lots of pictures without people in the way. 

 At least the wildlife wasn’t bothered by the people. 
 We swung around to Agate Falls. I wanted to scale the fence and crawl on the rocks and get closer, but Joy wouldn’t let me
 Finally we stopped at my favorite waterfalls. Haven’t been there in many years, coz it is a bit of a hike into it. 
 Linda was game for the trail, though we didn’t realize how muddy it was going to be. 
 Maybe not the biggest waterfall in the UP, but to me, the most peaceful. I’ve blogged about it before. O-Kun-De-Kun falls fills me with memories. Good times. 
 Last stop was Old Victoria, but it is getting late. I have to get going, but I promise to fill in the details another time.  

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Beth Camp said...

Thanks for sharing these lovely pictures of a getaway day with friends -- and the falls.