Friday, July 28, 2017

On my writing

I’ve been reading “On Writing” by Stephen King. The book opens with not one, not two, but three forewords. I think that only a writer of King’s caliber can get away with that. Most articles on writing which I’ve read suggest you jump right into chapter 1, skipping a foreword or a prologue or anything else which slows down the beginning of the action. I would tend to agree, often skipping the five pages of acknowledgements until after I’ve read the book (even though my new novel begins with a prologue, but it couldn’t be helped). I do however want to know what’s in the author’s head, what or who inspired them and where this story came.

Which is why I ended my novel with “Why I wrote this book”. Here is an edited excerpt from it.

 “The first time I traveled to Africa was on a mission trip with my daughter in 2006. Neither one of us ever imagined we would return. Yet, in 2010, my daughter, trying to find her role in life, volunteered in Kenya for six months, traveling throughout the country and working in a variety of capacities. It was while she was gone, that Kenya resurfaced in my mind and I started writing a memoir of our first trip. It was also during that time that I dreamed about a young boy living in the bush of Kenya. That dream would become the opening scene of this book.

 “In my multiple travels to Kenya, I’ve been to the magnificent Rift Valley and have met various Maasai people living there. The adults have all been gracious and hospitable, and the children ridiculously friendly.

“It is my wish that in reading this book you not only grow closer to God, but that you are inspired to make a difference either at home or in a third world country.”
This picture is from our first trip to Kenya and one of these boys is who I see when I think of the boy in my novel. The picture’s not included in the book, but I hope that from my description of him, this is who you see in your head.  

Where the Sky Meets the Sand” is available as an ebook and as a paperback for preorder. I’ll let you know when I get my own supply if you want a signed copy. 

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Denise said...

Of course I want a signed copy. I'm anxious to read it again.