Monday, March 15, 2010

Even though it was really not what I went to school for, I liked working as an OB tech at the hospital in Wausau. I liked working only part-time and believe it or not, I really liked working the graveyard shift.

When I got the job, Dan was still working in Merrill, so we found a house to rent there, making it a short commute for me to buzz to Wausau. Nick turned two that January. He was at such a fun age – no terrible twos for him.

Either Dan or I would take him to the sitter’s first thing in the morning. I would sleep until noon or so while Dan was at work. Then I would pick up Nick and spend a couple hours alone with him each afternoon. When spring arrived, I would push him in his stroller all over town. We would spend so much time just hanging around outside, going to the grocery store or the park.

Of all the times I have spent with my kids, I remember those days with Nick as some of the best. Maybe it was because I didn’t have any friends and nothing else to do. Or maybe, for the first time, I just plain enjoyed being a mother. Maybe it was seeing all those babies coming into the world at work that made me appreciate Nick even more.

Maybe it was just that peaceful time before my life got all hectic again.

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