Saturday, March 13, 2010

Well, hopefully this isn't going to throw anybody off, but I'm not telling my usual story tonight. I actually am doing something this weekend; yes occasionally I have a life.
Val and I drove down to Platteville this morning to see Nick and his girlfriend and go to Galena and shop. We ran out of time again and the stores started closing before we got to all of them. Just like when we were down here a month ago. That was the whole reason why we came down here; ok, well, to see Nick and Megan too. There are just too many cool shops in Galena to hit them all in a couple hours.
In case any of you have never been to Galena, Illinois, or even heard of it, it is an awesome little tourist town. At one time, like in the mid-1800's it was bigger than Chicago. It was the place to be west of the east coast. All of the old buildings are still there and filled with artsy craftsy or antiguey or cool clothing things. We spent way too much time in the bead store!
Anyway, and now it is time to make something with my new beads, so will make it short tonight and get back to the story tomorrow.

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