Saturday, March 27, 2010

Yea, my last blog telling you how I got to where I am. I have just one last thought about where I am working right now. And it is going to take us way back in time. To spring of 1979.

I was a junior in high school, helping to decorate the gym for prom. I had told Ms. Herbison, the guidance counselor, that I wanted an after-school job. She called me into the office and told me that Mr. Dreger at Tomahawk Drug Store, downtown, was looking for a reliable high schooler to work weekends and a few evenings a week. I went down to the drug store that day, after working in the gym for a couple hours, with paint on my jeans and wearing my t-shirt of the ELO album cover of the wicked witch’s hands getting zapped by Dorothy’s ruby slippers. I kid you not, I remember that so clearly. (Look it up on line, the album was called Eldorado.) Mostly I remember thinking, this is not what you are supposed to wear to a job interview.

Mr. Dreger hired me on the spot. I worked there a year and a half until going off to college. This is significant, not only because it was my first job, but because of the circle of life.

All the things that happen in our life circle back to where they are supposed to be. Sometimes they circle back to the beginning and sometimes they don’t. But the circle keeps going. Mr. Dreger, who I call Bill now because he’s really not that much older than I am anymore, is still a pharmacist in Tomahawk, and he fills the prescriptions I call in. He’s at a different drug store now, but it is all still the same. 31 years ago who would have thought that I would still be working with him.

The circle of life.

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