Friday, March 26, 2010

Is it possible that I am finally to my present position? In May of 2000, a job opened up in Tomahawk to work with one of the family practice physicians. Dr. Sudbury had seen my kids a couple of times, and he seemed to be pretty reasonable, personable. When I interviewed with him, the only thing he asked me was if I could give injections. (For those of you who know him, is that a surprise?)

Wow, and then I completely draw a blank. Over a ten-year period of time you would think the stories would just be so backed up in me that I would want them to pour out. Maybe it’s just because I am still there or because I’m not, not emotionally anyway like I used to be.

Thinking about all the other jobs I’ve had, all the people I have worked with, things I’ve seen – it all just made me melancholy. And I don’t feel that way thinking about my current job. Why do you think that is?

There certainly have been changes over the years. We moved from our cramped, outdated building into a modern facility combining clinic and hospital. Providers joined the practice, providers left the practice. We went through what seems like a bunch of managers. We lost co-workers. We lost Kris Gass – but I promise I will not tell anymore sad stories.

The biggest change, I guess, is that since November, I no longer work with Dr. Sudbury. All the patient care staff works with all the providers now; they call it a pod. I am sure it was the brainstorm of some suit who has never worked in a medical clinic. On top of that, we have gone to the electronic medical record.

Maybe I am just too old for so much change. Or maybe it is just time to move on.

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Doniel "Doni" Noble said...

"And I don’t feel that way thinking about my current job. Why do you think that is?"

I would have to say because you work in a Family Practice - meaning you follow the lives of many, generally healthy people. I'm willing to bet you didn't see as many lives end (professionally) during this time as in other periods.