Thursday, November 18, 2010

Don’t you love looking into other people’s cars when they are driving down the road and they just are totally oblivious to the fact that you can see everything they are doing?

Pat, the kids and I were tooling down the highway in northern Wisconsin one summer, towing the camper, on our way to Amnicon Falls State Park, when we noticed this beat-up green Vega in front of us. It looked like there had to be at least four kids in the back seat, none in car seats. They ranged in age from maybe five to ten years old. One kid would hit someone, then that kid would hit someone else. Then all of a sudden another head would bounce up in the back window and someone would grab him and throw him down on the seat. This kept going on for miles. Pat and I kept thinking, what is going on in that car and are there any responsible adults in it?

Boing, there went another head bobbing up from the seat. Smack, there went someone else’s head against the window. I am not kidding you. It was crazy.

We hate to admit it, but we are all used to the guy passing us in his 1978 Chevy pickup, and we look over and he’s picking his nose. But this little compact car we followed for ten miles was nuts.

That was just the the start of a short camping trip to the area around Superior, Wisconsin.

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