Monday, November 15, 2010

Well, nuts, somehow or other I managed to miss an entire camping trip. I cannot believe that in my photo scanning frenzy, I didn’t catch any of these pictures. You will just have to use your imagination.

Early in the spring of 1997, Pat, on a drive west of town, spied a pop-up camper for sale in someone’s yard. She called me up, all excited.

“What do you think about getting a camper, a pop-up trailer? It would be so nice, don’t you think?”

I honestly don’t remember going to look at it; I think I may have just say, “Go for it, and let me know what I owe you for my half.”

It didn’t take us long to try it.

Our first trip was to a rustic campground in the Nicolet National Forest just past Eagle River. Luna and White Deer are the names of the two lakes which border the campground, one on each side. The lakes are small, so small that they don’t allow motorboats, which is ideal for us. It meant peace and quiet. White Deer also had a fairly decent beach.

We chose a site along White Deer Lake. This site was also right next to the outhouse, but neither of those were reasons why we picked it. We settled on that site because Pat felt she could best back the camper into it.

Shortly after we got the camper set up, it started to rain. We took cover inside and played cribbage. And said to each other, “Ha, ha, ha! This rain is not going to dampen our spirits. We are high and dry in the trailer. Ha, ha, ha!” We were pretty full of ourselves that time.

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