Tuesday, November 16, 2010

One other really memorable thing came out of the first trip with the new camper back in 1997. The now world famous Happy Dance.

I have talked to enough people to know that my sister Pat and I are not the only ones with this idiosyncrasy. Now, be honest. When you travel somewhere, do your bowel movements get off track? I mean, don’t you sometimes get constipated when your schedule is different or you can’t get comfortable in a strange bathroom or you just don’t have time to sit like you usually do at home?

Complicate that by trying to do your business in a smelly, dark, spider-infested outhouse. And I think you can sympathize with us. We usually end up with backed-up bowels within a day or so of any camping trip.

So, it was with sheer joy, that Pat came two-stepping out of the latrine the second day. She even sang a song. Something like, “I can sing, I can prance, I can do the happy dance. I went poo and you can too.” (I am sorry, I really have no idea what she sang that day, but honest-Injun she did sing something that she had just made up.)

Ever after, on any trip which Pat or I went on, when we took a good healthy dump, we came out of the bathroom dancing. And in the first paragraph of this blog, when I say it is now world famous, I mean it. I don’t know if you were with me when I blogged about my African trip, but before we came home, the rest of the team which I traveled with were also all doing the happy dance.
Waiting to use the facilities during our stay in the African Bush.

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