Thursday, November 11, 2010

Oh, South Dakota. The Black Hills. The Badlands. Custer State Park. Mt. Rushmore. Crazy Horse. If you have been following my blog since day one (or about day – I don’t know - ok, I had to count) – day 120, you know that I have been to that part of the country several times before. Hmm?? So what do you want to hear about this time?

Well, for starters, what should have been a simple straight shot from Colorado Springs to Rapid City, South Dakota, was full of events. I rolled up Himey’s finger in the window while we were sailing down the freeway. Then he rolled up Val’s finger in window. Then the kids were bored. I just hang my head whenever I hear that phrase. I can’t imagine ever saying “I’m bored” when I was a kid. I would have been cleaning out cupboards for a week. “Are you bored now?” Mom would continue to ask.

My goodness, I digress. So, anyway, to stave the boredom and because there were no radio stations we could agree on, we picked up a cassette tape (remember this was 1997) of the Peanuts sing country classics. Oh, my goodness, we had that entire tape memorized by the time we were out of Wyoming. ("I Got Friends in Low Places", "Any Man of Mine")

About that time, we stopped at a scenic overlook to overlook the scenery. And disaster struck.

Val’s grandma had bought her this tray of 1000 beads in every shape and color imaginable. For some reason, Val thought she had to have it at that time and pulled the box out of the safety of the trunk. In the blink of an eye, 950 beads were all over the gravel parking lot. And they could hear Val wailing all the way to Idaho.

It was not pretty. Well, I shouldn’t say that, the parking lot filled with sparkly beads was actually quite lovely.

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