Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Another Big Waterfall

The illness that I left home with on July 2, 2000, continued its hold on me into the fifth day of our family vacation to the Eastern UP. My coughing would not stop, but I dutifully crawled into the car each day and directed Himey as to where to drive to next.

That morning after Independence Day, we drove along Lake Superior, visiting the Iroquois Lighthouse and the Shipwreck Museum at Whitefish Point. I have already written about the Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald (see

Another place I know I already wrote about is Tahquamenon Falls. Still very cool, but too big for me. Give me some little trickle of a waterfall that I can walk right up to, stick my feet in the water, and that makes me much happier. I also rather have a waterfall all to myself.

By the time we checked into our hotel that night, I just crawled into bed and let Himey and the kids go out to eat without me. We made it home by four the next afternoon. And naturally I immediately started feeling better. Figures. I got healthy just in time to go back to work.

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