Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Gene I Lack

As I was driving home from work tonight contemplating this blog, I had a sudden revelation. I was recalling how I just cannot back up our pop-up trailer and how I overcame that deficit the first time my sister Judy and I went camping in it.

It was June of 2000 and we had chosen Luna-White Deer campground in the Nicolet National Forest as our destination. A beautiful place, I know I have mentioned it before. Peaceful little campground between two crystal clear lakes.

I brought my then fourteen year old son along just to back the camper into the site I had chosen. Then I drove him back to his grandparents’ in Crandon for the weekend.

I always knew that something was wrong with me. How can my kid who doesn’t even have a driver’s license back up a trailer. Obviously he has the “Back Up The Trailer” gene. Obviously, I don’t, along with a lot of other women I have talked to.

Now, if you turn that gene’s description into an acronym it will make perfect sense to you, just as it suddenly made sense to me this afternoon. Most men have this gene; quite a few women do not. I’m not trying to start something; I’m just sharing my observations.


Nick C. said...

Are you saying women don't have butts?

Chris Loehmer said...

No, I am saying men are butts.