Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Happy Belated Birthday, Pat

This past Sunday, the 15th, my sister Pat would have been 53. Instead, she is still 39. Doesn’t seem right that I have to get older, while she will forever be young. I know I have blogged about her in the past, especially about a lot of the trips we went on. Did I tell you about the year we were camping in the UP on her birthday? We actually almost forgot about it, but then ran into town and found a place which served ice cream, coz it just would not be her birthday without ice cream.

I’m going to the UP next week camping with the hubby. Pat will certainly be there. 

 At the rehearsal for my first wedding, July 1985
 Pat with her husband and me with mine, at the Luxor in Las Vegas, Spring 1995
 Camping with my kids. 
June 1998, Pat with Val at the Lake of the clouds. One of the last trips we went on. 

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