Thursday, July 19, 2012

Works of Chalk

I probably don't do it as much as I should, but every week or so, I try to save everything I've written onto a jump drive. I know that there are other fancier ways to back up your work, but this is the system that works for me. On occasion, just to be sure, I've e-mailed things to myself as another way of saving them. I rarely resort to printing anything out anymore – seems a waste of paper - but sometimes things need to be printed for posterity. 

Imagine spending hours on a project, pouring your heart and soul and back into it, knowing full well that it was only a matter of time - perhaps only hours -before your work would be erased, destroyed forever. 

Last Sunday, I went to Chalkfest just down the road from where I live. What masterpieces of art these people have drawn on the sidewalk. What talent. And patience. And all it's going to take is a little shower, or a hundred footsteps, and that work of art will be gone. Amazing. 

And because of stupid Blogger and whatever the world it does with my writing with the white spaces, I was going to scrap this entire post. See, I could be a chalk-drawer after all.


Denise said...

Chris: Does this take place every year??? I want to come up next year.
I have pictures form chalk pictures in Italy, was fascinated because I can't draw a line with or without a ruler.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Yes, Denise, the chalk fest takes place in downtown Wausau every summer. This is the first year I went to it. So awesome.