Tuesday, November 13, 2012

And this is how I rate...

Well, maybe Mom shouldn’t have changed her little story at the top of her blog page, coz now here I am writing her blog for her.

She has got a LOT going on this week, and I know she just doesn’t have time to write her blog. She had to work til seven last night and tonight she has a self-defense class with her kinship kid and then she is baking cookies at church. It doesn’t get better the rest of the week. Tomorrow night she is going out to eat with everyone from work and the night after that she has to pick Dad up in Rhinelander. I hope she doesn’t have anything going on Friday. She is going to need some rest by then. Oh, that’s right, on Friday she likes to work on her writing.

So here are pictures of me with the stupid cats. Why do they like me so much? Oh, that’s right, coz I’m the Wonder Dog.
Alice is that such a good place to lay?

Me and Ches. "Does this cat make my butt look fat?" ha, ha

PS And then did you notice that Mom moved my picture down lower on her blog, so that her book could be at the top. I suppose her book is pretty important to her right now, but really, Mom? That’s how I rate these days?

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