Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I was driving home from a writers conference this summer, taking the back roads, when I came across a sign for Hayman Falls. 
I may not have been to every waterfalls in my fair state, but I thought that I had heard of every one of them. Naturally, I was intrigued and followed the signs to this small parking area. I put on my walking shoes and started up the trail.
A very picturesque river. Apparently it's the Embarrass River. Wonder where that name came from?
Still walking. Did I mention that it was close to 90 degrees out and humid?
Oh, looks like I must be getting close.
Is this it? I believe so. I could have kept walking I suppose. At one point there was a dam somewhere along here and that is probably where the falls came in. The water looked pretty calm though the further upstream I went.

Ok, I wasn't disappointed, though, but perhaps that's why it's called the Embarrass River. But this waterfalls isn't nearly embarrassing as this:
Really? Someone thinks that someone is going to steal this bench from the middle of the woods?

I looked up the Embarrass River on Wikipedia. The French word for obstruction is embarrass. So that would explain that.

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Denise said...

Nice pictures...& I would chain the bench down or it would be thrown into the river..I swear people have little respect for anything.