Sunday, March 30, 2014

Time to Start Running Again

You know that in a race all the runners run, but only one runner gets the prize. So run like that. Run to win! All who compete in the games use strict training. They do this so that they can win a prize—one that doesn’t last. But our prize is one that will last forever. 1 Corinthians 9:24-25,Easy-to-Read Version

Even though my backyard still looks like this:

 And my driveway is covered in ice and four inches of snow, with one small patch of bare ground which is currently frozen mud, our road is finally free of the remnants of winter. There is actually dry blacktop out there past the frozen tundra that is my yard.

Yesterday the temperature was in the forties, so I tentatively picked my way to the end of my driveway and took my first run/walk, which was mostly walk and consisted of one mile. Over the long brutal winter months, I made an attempt to run on the treadmill at least a couple of times a week. Because running on the treadmill feels like Chinese water torture to me, I sprinkled in some aerobics and simply running the small circle that is my basement.

That did not do the trick. This morning, I feel as out of shape as ever. My legs are killing me and even my back and arms ache. I obviously did not follow any sort of strict training over the winter. I wonder if I will possibly be ready to meet my goal - run in a 5Kon June 14.

I run to get in shape, to get out of the house, because it feels good (once I get past the pain), and to see if I can run this year’s races faster than last year’s. For me that is winning. For me the prize is to accomplish my goals and not to beat out everyone else. I know that I will never be the best compared to the completion.

As a Christian, I know I will never win either, not on my own anyway. I try to be good, but I will never be good enough. I will never beat out the sins that cover my life. That is why Jesus died on the cross and rose again. He won the race for us.  

To my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, thank You for giving me legs that I can run on, a beautiful road to enjoy while I run and mostly thank You for giving me eternal life. Amen 


Elizabeth Olmstead McBride said...

OK, I am going to run that run too. I walked to and from the library twice this week, which I tolerate fine. But uffda, the 26 stair steps up to my apt, not so fine.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Liz, stairs (and hills)kill me too. They say the 5K in June is mostly level ground.