Thursday, September 11, 2014

Gone, just gone

Wow, look at that. I have had this post planned for a while now, not thinking about the date. Yet there it is, the anniversary of when our lives changed here in the United States. We were suddenly as vulnerable as the rest of the world. I think though that since 9-11-01, we have let our guard down. We've begun to think that the good ol’ USA is invincible, that we will always be safe here. I sure hope people wake up pretty soon. It is not good out there in the world, and all the badness is right at our doorstep.

But I wasn't going to write about that today. But (sigh) my pictures sure fit.

What I really wanted was to open with a quote. I wasn't able to find the exact quote, so my apologies to Margaret Mitchell. The premise is that Scarlett is returning to her home, the plantation Tara, following the Civil War. It is night-time and there is cloud cover. Just as she is thinking the following line, there is a break in the clouds and the moon comes out.

“Was Tara still standing or was it gone with the wind which had swept through Georgia?”

Every day for the last six months, as I would drive down Lincoln Avenue, I would think of that line as I approached the old Sacred Heart Hospital and wonder if it was going to still be standing. I’ve taken over a hundred pictures since March, since it was announced that they were tearing the old hospital down.
March 30
August 13 
August 19
September 3 
 The cloud cover broke and this is what met me the other day. 
September 9 
Considering the eyesore which our old hospital had become, it is probably best that it comes down. But do we want our homes, our schools and our churches to meet the same fate? 

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