Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Streets of Hatchet Creek, Day 14

Out and about one day last week, I asked my husband to drop me and the dog off in town so that I could walk home. I know, who does that? I just had that one stretch of highway to cover and didn’t even think I would blog about it. I travel this road every day, there is nothing here, I told myself. Well, that’s the whole point of getting out and walking those streets and highways. You just don’t see it from the car.

So here’s where it all starts. Or ends. Just depends on which direction you are traveling.

I think this used to be Johnson something or other (Johnson Brothers Construction sound at all right?). The sign on the door says “CREATE”.
The sign by the road says, “NIRVANA paper fiber art studio”. What are these places that we all drive by and have no clue what they are?
Like what is Star Marketing and Distributing? One of the few buildings in the south-side industrial park.
Many, many years ago, when I was still with the first husband, a woman riding her bike was hit and killed by a car at this spot. Pretty sad. I think she was from out of town, but someone still at least partially maintains her memorial.
This piece of property is a long story. Ready for it?
The house was blown away by a tornado in July of 1996. I know that date because I wrote about this in my travel journal. The hubby, kids and I were in Madison goofing around for a few days, when the state news mentioned our beloved city to the north. A tornado had been reported south of town. This was before cell phones, so I called Mom from the hotel room phone and she said I better call my sister as she had been out in it. Turns out my sister was heading into town with a friend when they saw the tornado heading east. They were close enough to our road that they turned in, broke into my house and took shelter in my basement. Crazy, huh? Of course my son was most miffed that he had missed the whole thing. Darn family vacations!

And this last picture needs no explanation. Or maybe it needs lots of explanation. You decide.

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Elizabeth Olmstead McBride said...

I drove by that roadside cross today and wondered who it was for.