Monday, September 1, 2014

Streets of Hatchet Creek - Day 13

Lucky walking day 13 and time to make a confession. I walked the following places on August 26. Because I take so many pictures and have to weed through them first and crop them and such before I post them, and also because, unbeknownst to the world outside of Tomahawk, I have a rather crazy life already – working 36 hours a week at the clinic being only the tip of the iceberg, it takes me a few days (or a week) to pull each blog post together. If you started out with me at the beginning, you know that I got this idea from Matt Green who is walking every street in New York City. He has gotten so far behind that he is just now posting his pictures from May! Of course, Tomahawk is no New York City, but I have certainly run across my share of interesting places, and some of them require research outside of my own vast knowledge of my home town.

Anyway, it is time to get on with my walk from August 26. I’ve walked the road of Bradley Park before and even though I haven’t documented it here, I’ve adventured out to the Point many times. (I need to do that here I suppose, because it is one of the coolest hikes anywhere.) This day however, I was going to walk Mirror Lake Drive out to Frenchtown. That did not quite happen, as you will see.

First stop – cabin built by Carl O Nystrom, a park ranger and police officer. When Bradley Park had camping, this is where campers registered.
In 2003, the cabin was restored and dedicated to the only Tomahawk officer killed in the line of duty. I’m pretty excited that I found this article on Nystrom.
Beaver home.
 I took Dino with this day. He had a blast.
He is wondering what is taking me so long to go up this trail.
The trail went down and around Mirror Lake.

No words needed.

The leaves are starting to change. Yikes.
And then this happened to my camera. Double Yikes.
You can only imagine my despair. But with all the various setbacks I have endured over the years, I took it as a sign from God that I had taken enough pictures this day. Dino and I hiked back to the car; I drove home and had apple pie for supper. And that’s how I roll. 

Duh, I just realized this was day 13, maybe that explains the camera incident. 


Valorie said...

In your crazy life it is good that you take the time to share a corner of the world with us Chris. I appreciate you and your work.

Elizabeth Olmstead McBride said...

I have some photos of ice skating on Mirror Lake, taken when I lived here in the 80's.

Thanks for linking to Matt Green's blog, how cool. My parents were from NYC so I'm looking forward to finding photos of their streets.

If you ever need a walking mate I'm available.

I think I'm going to do a challenge of visiting every waterfalls in the U.P.

Anonymous said...

Love what you are doing, Chris! Now get that camera fixed!

Elizabeth Olmstead McBride said...

Hmm, I posted a comment early this morning, it's not here. I have some cool photos of my older son and then husband ice skating on Mirror Lake back when we lived here in the 80's.

If you ever need a walking partner let me know.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

I was able to prod the camera back to life. Yeah! Looks like a busy week this week so don't know when I will get out again. Good thing I have that backlog of pictures...