Monday, September 8, 2014

Streets of Hatchet Creek - Day 15

If you study the yellow on my map, if you can find the yellow, you will see I didn’t walk much. But those few streets turned out to be about quality and not quantity. Instead of taking the usual twenty to forty pictures, I took a mere seven, but I can use most of them.

This house went up in flames back in February. At the time they said it was a total loss. From the outside it doesn’t look so bad, but fire can do a lot of insidious damage which makes a structure unsound.
It’s just sad it is still standing here. I suspect these pieces fell here during the blaze, but then someone doctored them up to look as if they are little homes all of their own.

Tomahawk’s original high school was built here in 1889. I had a great-aunt who lived just a few doors up Wisconsin Avenue from Whittier School. Whenever we went to her house, I would stare in awe at the old building. It makes me kind of sad that I never got to step inside. 

After the school was torn down, housing for the elderly was put up. Another aunt lived in one of these for a few years. Cute compact apartments, but nothing like the rambling Whittier School.

And then as I was walking down the sidewalk, I ran across these. Yes, they are donuts. 

When I returned to my car, I looked up and had to take a picture of these guys reroofing the house on the corner of Spirit and Fourth Street. Not the job for me. 

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