Friday, June 12, 2015

No Photo Friday - Bicycle

I’ve shared a few photos from my youth, and there aren’t too many left. I have many more pictures from my childhood, but they are all only snapshots in my head, vivid memories of a time long past. Today’s picture is of Daisy.

Growing up, I never thought of us as being poor. We had everything we ever wanted. We went on a camping vacation every year, Mom drove a decent car, Dad had a truck. I wore mostly hand-me-down clothes because that’s just how it was. And I didn’t have a new bike until I was a teen-ager because my old bike worked just fine.

Her name was Daisy. I think Dad picked her up at the dump. She wasn’t fancy but she had all I needed - two wheels, a frame, a seat and handlebars. I’m pretty sure she even had fenders. Her original color was tan or orange or something else non-descript, but one summer I found some old paint in the garage and colored her cream. 

From Day 1 she had a problem with her chain. It slipped more than it stayed on. I knew nothing about bikes at the time, but in retrospect, it should have been an easy fix. Dad was incredibly mechanically-inclined so why the chain could never be made to stay on is beyond me. Maybe because I never complained about it. Daisy was small enough that my feet just reached the ground, so I would push along without using the pedals. As her chain became more persnickety, I was growing taller so my feet hit the ground that much easier.

She would always take me where I wanted to go and since we lived in the country, I rode her mostly through our trails in the woods. Occasionally I would let her take me down the road down the hill past our house – a scary proposition, as a single-speed bike with no chain meant a bike with no brakes.

Ahh, but I was a kid. We knew no fear back then. All we knew was the freedom of summer and having two-wheels under us.  

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