Friday, October 14, 2016

Fused Friendship

As you may already know, I took a ride over to Minnesota one day last week to visit an old friend.

Phyllis was actually my sister Pat’s friend in college, and though they remained good friends until Pat’s death, Phyllis and I became friends through a different mutuality. After divorcing my first husband, I could relate to her dating woes. I’d been dating a special guy for a year when Phyllis finally married. Just one year after that I married my special guy. And sadly, tragically, my sister died two years later.

But the bond was formed. Phyllis had grown to be one of my best friends. And so she comes over to see us once or twice a year and I try to get over there yearly, usually in the fall when the colors are at their peak and pumpkins are ripe.

Her husband breeds draft horses and for a while she raised miniature horses. Recently she has discovered the joy of mini-donkeys. Can you see why I love going to her house?

Who’s your best friend? And how did your relationship begin? 


Denise said...

Its a 4 way tie--You, Nancy, my sister in law Marcia, & my Jacquie (the couple we travel with). I know I could tell any one of you my deepest secrets & fears and I probably have at some point. Of course You and Nancy are friends from WSMA, Jacquie's husband Kirk worked with Dave back in the early 1990's & BTW her and I are polar opposites. Marcia is Dave's brothers wife.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

I think it's good to have different friends from different areas of your life. No one can click off all the boxes on all that we need in the perfect friend.