Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Odds and Ends on the Way out of Minnesota

Yes, I’m still getting caught up on that short trip to Minnesota the first part of this month. How I can drag an overnight trip out this long is beyond me, yet here I am, finally sharing my way home.
I’ve been to the Minnesota Renaissance Festival multiple times over the years. And since that occurs in the late summer and early autumn, we always stop in here, at Jim’s Apple Farm.
Home of Minnesota’s largest candy store, among other things.
If you recall, I got lost on the way to my friend’s house, so managed to get lost on the way back home. But in the words of Kurt Vonnegut, Jr., “peculiar travel suggestions are dancing lessons from God".

Until I turned into this place, because it looked just way too cool to not check out.
But even though the sign at the gate announced visiting hours, which were going on when I pulled in, I really did not feel comfortable stopping long enough to check it out.
Instead I slowed down enough to snap some pictures, then skedaddled out of there. At home, I found the place on Google maps. It is the Cambodian Buddhist Temple. Out in the middle of nowhere south of the Twin Cities.

Then just up the road I ran across the EilenTrucking Business. Wow. I don’t know what their sculptures mean, but there are more that I didn’t get pictures of.
Sometimes I’m just glad to cross the border back into Wisconsin.

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Denise said...

Very Interesting, I will NOT accept that you didn't get out and snap more pictures.