Friday, November 4, 2016

Another small town - Princeton

I know that I’ve mentioned my mom’s cousin before, but I need to bring her up again as I might never have known about the Princeton Flea Market if it hadn’t been for the fact that she lived in the next town over. Whenever we visited, we’d either go rummaging or flea marketing or antique window shopping. All which were good activates to take the short drive to Princeton to do.   
This October, I finally talked the Hubby into taking the short two plus hour drive there from our house.
 Besides the Flea Market, Princeton is known for its antiques and antique shops. I think that the buildings downtown are all antiques themselves.
 No comment regarding the political environment.
 The Fox River runs through town and was running high the day we were there, thanks to the plentiful rains our state has been having.
 When’s the last time you took a drive to check out the little towns in your state? 

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