Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Something worth voting for

I’ve been posting lately about my recent travels, short trips around Wisconsin and Minnesota. I’m not done with my fall journeys, but since it is Election Day, I felt obligated to write about that instead. Something patriotic and uplifting, a reminder of the ideals our country was founded on. However no divine inspiration has wandered into my head. I thought about scourging the internet for just the right story, maybe something about an even more disdainful election, but perhaps part of the problem with our modern times is all the information at our fingertips on the web.

I’ve traveled a fair bit around these fifty States (ok, I’ve not been to Hawaii, but I was in Alaska in 1982), and I pulled up a few of the pictures I took on those travels, the photos that I’ve scanned into the computer and that turned out all right after years of fading.

I know that the people – family, friends and strangers – are the most important thing we have. But looking at these pictures, I can also say that we have so much more to fight for. There’s no reason why the United States cannot stay a great and mighty country, the home of the free and the brave. 
 Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, 1997
Custer National Park, South Dakota, 1997
 Badlands National Park, South Dakota, 1997
 Tahquamenon Falls, Michigan's UP, 2000
 Saguaro cactus, Arizona, 2003
Gooseberry Falls, Minnesota, 2007
Lake Superior, Michigan, 1998

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