Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Very Last of the Travels for the Year

About 80 miles north of the state capital, on the west side of I-39, resides the Hancock Agricultural Research Station. Run by the University of Wisconsin, it is a 412-acre research farm where trials of potatoes, field corn, sweet corn, soybeans, snap beans, carrots, cucumbers and switchgrass are run.

I drive down this highway quite a bit, probably a few times a year. The vegetable part of this station isn’t what I have always found fascinating. It’s the beautiful flower garden you can see from the interstate.

I’ve always wanted to stop, and finally that day in October, when Hubby and I were taking a drive, I made him pull over. 

The spot I was captivated by is actually the A. R. Albert and Villetta Hawley-Albert Horticultural Garden. This garden has been here since 1993 and was named, in part, after A. R. Albert who had been the superintendent of the Hancock Station from 1922 to 1947. And that was all the information I was able to gather off the internet. 

The only other thing I got is pictures. 
 The beginning of October was a little late to catch anything in full-bloom. 
Still saw lots of pretty stuff though. 
 Not so late in the season that they had drained the ponds. 
 I love this grass. I've been wanting some in my yard for a long time.
 My favorite all-time picture. How cool, huh? 
 Hubby's giving me the "have you taken enough pictures yet?" look. 
So that's it folks. I have finally gotten through all those road trips and day trips I took earlier this fall. Well, actually, there is one more, but - it's a story for another time. 

We're heading into winter! Come back this Thursday, when I start my Christmas series.

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Denise said...

I have driven by many times and also have wanted to stop, I tell myself "Next time". I LOVE the bird photo, that is one for you need to submit to some bird photo contest