Sunday, November 13, 2016

Getting Rid of Stuff

I had a different idea for my blog post today, but every time I open the files on my computer named “temporary pictures”, looking for a picture to use, my eye catches these and I am tired of looking at them.

As you may remember back on July 15, I closed my right index finger in the car door. Hubby had already locked the doors and my finger was stuck in the door. I’m screaming in the Sam’s Club parking lot, “open the doors, open the doors”. Bless his heart, it took Hubby a minute or two (or more likely three incredibly long seconds) for those words to register, coz that is a pretty complicated command that I was spewing out.

As soon as he unlocked the doors and I released my finger, I ran for the deli in Sam’s Club. Hubby’s trying to catch up to me and yelling behind me, “they won’t let you in without a card”. I yell back over my shoulder, “I don’t need a card, I have a finger!” (And those of you who know me, know that I never use my finger, seriously.)

I grabbed a cup from the soda fountain, filled it with ice, and stuck my finger in it. And you know how that felt – really good and really bad all at the same time.

Anyway, everyone told me, “that will take a while to grow out.” Yea, I’m thinking a month or two. And here it is FOUR months later. It’s getting sooo close, and yes, I think the fingernail is always going to have an un-divot on it. But truly it doesn’t look as bad as yesterday’s picture appears. I just couldn’t get my camera to focus.

Have you ever had something on your computer file, or paper file, or just on that pile on your kitchen counter of mail that you just need to go through and pitch? What a good feeling to get rid of it, right? Or at least abdicate it to the permanent file in the back room or on the external hard drive, or where ever you put stuff that you think you will need forever, and in reality you never look at it again.

And you know what that means? It means that I still have to edit that file of pictures from a ride to Rib Mountain State Park last May 7th and then get them off my computer.

Denise, what have you got to say? 
 July 15, about half an hour after smashing it
July 29, two weeks later, that's looking impressive
November 12, FOUR months later, still growing out


Denise said...

Now that I have stopped laughing uncontrollably, tears running down my face kind of laughing. It FEELS GREAT. I could say soooooo much more but I won't.

Chris Loehmer Kincaid said...

Denise, I know that my handful of computer files is nothing compared to what you are dealing with in the "Big Dig", but I'm glad you are keeping your sense of humor.