Wednesday, April 19, 2017

2017 Kenya Log Entry 1

Though I’ve been home from Kenya for almost a week, I am still sorting through pictures. Remember back in the day, when we had to wait for all those rolls of film to be developed to see what we did and where we went? Oh, but that’s right, we had to be choosy about what pictures we snapped, and couldn’t shoot over 1500 on one trip.

How had I ever survived?

I can see dragging this trip out over several weeks, so you’ll have to bear with me. Those 1500 pictures need to make their presence known.

Ah, but first the trip there. 
 Our team consisted of my daughter Val, as our team leader, her co-worker Rachel and Rachel’s friend Kenzie. On Val’s front stoop, ready to pack the car.
 Car’s packed. 
  One last stop for American food, at Gus’s Drive-In in East Troy. 
 Our home for the next thirteen hours. (What were we thinking by booking a thirteen-hour flight?! In the past, we’ve had two eight hour flights with a reasonable lay-over. This time we didn’t have a layover, just a mad dash to our next flight, which was a mere five hours.)
 The girls settling in. 
 People who complain about airplane food have never taken an international flight. If anything, they feed you too much on those long flights. I did greatly appreciate the three a.m. chocolate Hagen Daze. 
 Our plane in Doha, Qatar. 
And we made it! The most exciting part was that our ride at the airport met us with a sign which read, “TUMAINI VOLUNTEERS”. It made us think that we had actually made it – and not just to Kenya, but as an actual nonprofit organization making a difference in a third world country. That was the picture I wish I would have gotten. 

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