Friday, April 21, 2017

2017 Kenya Log Entry 2

Most people give me way too much credit for taking these trips to Kenya. Sure, we have some rough days, but it’s not like we spend two weeks living in a grass hut with no running water.

The volunteer house where we stayed in the neighborhood of Kidfarmaco in Kikuyu isn’t too bad. It’s actually pretty nice. And this was my first trip to Kenya where the electricity didn’t go out a single time the entire time I was there. Which makes me chuckle since the power went out at home while we were gone.
 Here’s the front entrance to the house.
 One of the office’s in the backyard.
 View of the house from the office.
 The living room.
 One of the bedrooms. As spacious as some of the rooms are, you can imagine them getting a little cramped when each bed is accommodating a volunteer and the remaining space in the room is filled with all they need for anywhere from two weeks to six months.
 One of our team members, Rachel, journaling our first morning in Kenya
The other team member, Kenzie, enjoying the morning sun. There was still snow on the ground when we left Wisconsin the day before. Oh, that’s right, there was snow on the ground when we returned two weeks later. 
 Rachel and Kenzie doing laundry in the front yard. One of the few things I miss while I’m there – the washing machine. 

Next time - we actually start doing stuff. 

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Denise said...

No water builds character..taking a shower in the rain..priceless.