Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2017 Kenya Log Entry 4

On Saturday, after Val and I ran a few errands around Kikuyu town, we checked out a park one of the other volunteers had told us about.  

Mugumo Park, for the most part, looks like a kiddy park, with a pool, a pond, kiddy rides and even a bouncy house.

 There are things for the adults though, such as these little cabanas for small private parties or meetings. 

And a nice restaurant. 
 Amenities even include a flushable toilet, albeit a squatting one.  
 After Val and I had checked it all out, we decided to order lunch. 
Which took a while to arrive, as they cook everything fresh, which I suspect meant they had to slaughter the chicken, and possibly perhaps even the goat, first. 
 It was worth the wait though. And worth having our cook chop it up in front of us. 

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Denise said...

Maybe someday I will get to see this cute little park. Love the pictures.