Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Making a List

Yesterday afternoon an idea came into my head of what I wanted to blog about today. That idea was followed by about three more. And now that it’s time to sit down and actually write this post, I pretty much have nothin’ in my head. Or maybe I have too much in my head and none of those thoughts are coming together. Or duking it out to declare a definitive victor.

What I need to do is make a list of all the things I still need to blog about, put it on a schedule and then do it. Here’s a start:

1)     Finish journaling about our trip to Kenya in April. You may find it hard to believe, but no, I have not shared all the details of the trip. There are actually a lot of recent, much shorter trips which I have taken and not told you much about either.
2)     I still have all those old pictures of my mom’s to scan into the computer and then I’d love to keep sharing some of those each week.
3)     Along with those really old pictures, I want to scan the pictures which I took back in the 80s and 90s, mostly of me and my sister Pat camping. And compare them to some of those same places which I have been to more recently.
4)     The middle of July, when I found out the release date for my novel, I said I was going to start posting some of the “lost files”, the scenes which I had to delete from the finished book because I was bogged down with too many points of view.
5)     Then wouldn’t it be nice to share something informational?  I love researching random stuff on-line and writing my own little mini research papers. Aren’t I a weirdo?

As you can tell, I have a hard time staying focused on one thing. The experts tell me that a person’s blog needs to concentrate on one thing – either you write book reviews or travel blogs or research the history of your state or whatever grabs you that you want to write about and your readers want to read about.

I don’t know. I’ve published one memoir, two devotionals and a novel now. Floating around in my laptop are three more memoirs, two more devotionals, a novel and a novella. You don’t even want to know what’s floating around in my head!

So, I guess if any of my faithful followers have a problem with my lack of specialty, let me know. I probably won’t change how I do things, but I still value your opinions. I’d also love to hear of any other subjects you’d like me to write about, as if I need more ideas!

Finally, a few pictures of the things I still need to blog about. 
Have a great day!!!


Denise said...

I'm always interested in whatever you chose to write about

Beth Camp said...

Making a list is exactly what I need to do for my writing blog . . . but I end up posting just once a month. Your blogs simmer with energy and direction -- and honesty. I love the pictures, the adventures, and that thinking ahead you share. Thank you!