Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Big Dam and Big Chocolates

No one is supposed to go to Las Vegas without seeing Hoover Dam, no one that is except my friend Jenny, but that’s her story not mine.

When I took my daughter Val to Vegas in August of 2004, we signed up for the obligatory bus trip to the Dam, with a few stops on the way back. Most memorable thing about the Dam itself was going through security. The security guard, a large, friendly black woman, took each of our bags and scanned them. My big old backpack held most of our stuff and didn’t impress the woman too much. Val’s purse though, totally unlike her current purses, brought a smile to the guard’s face. “And then we have the itty bitty purse.”

After the Dam and a quick look at Lake Mead, we stopped at the Hacienda Casino for lunch. The buffet wasn’t bad, but then the bus driver thought everyone wanted some time to gamble. I don’t remember that being on the brochure, but it was kind of late then. Val and I returned to the bus and took a well-needed nap.

The next stop, however, made up for any casino. Ethel M’s Chocolates. We couldn’t buy much because it would just melt in the heat, but my daughter and I can match anybody when it comes to eating free samples.

All in all, the trip went well. Hmm? Pretty scary that she’s going to be legal in just one week.

Sorry that the picture is not of Hoover or Ethel - just some old castle on the strip.

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