Friday, April 15, 2011

Where else did I fly?

Over the next several years I attended three more AAMA conventions: Greensboro, North Carolina; Colorado Springs, Colorado; Louisville, Kentucky.

Greensboro was beautiful. It was fall back home but in North Carolina in October summer was just beginning to wan. We toured Old Salem, more old houses from the 1700s, another Williamsburg look-alike, but still cool. I was the state society president that year, so was introduced at the president’s banquet. My constituents – I mean my fellow members – bought me a corsage and everything.

The following year we went to Colorado Springs. If you remember from a blog a year ago, I lived in Colorado for a short time, so was excited to return there and bum around the old stomping grounds. My goodness, the changes that 20 years can make! I was the one this trip who rented the car to drive us all around, thinking I knew where I was going. Well, that didn’t work so well. I still managed to get us to Castlewood Canyon and the outlet mall in Castle Rock. One day I even met with my former sister-in-law and we had a nice visit.

The last convention I attended was in Louisville, Kentucky. I had been through there with my husband and kids ten years before. We had toured the Slugger Bat Factory at that time, so I skipped it this trip. Instead, we went to the Glassworks, a huge old building where they make all kinds of glass things, from blown glass vases and goblets to trinkets and bobbles. They have several rooms that they rent out and one was being set up for a wedding when we were there. Best part- it was within walking distance of the hotel.

I haven’t been to a convention since 2007. There is, however, a new state society in Hawaii. When they host the convention, you might be able to rope me into going to that one.

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